(TG & Son's Ice Cream photo)


Type - ice cream truck
Built - 1966 in Rocky Mount, NC
Builder - Ford Motor Company / Hackney Brothers Body Company
Current Owner - TG & Son's Ice Cream (Tom Gesior)

This original Good Humor truck is fully stocked, and will be selling ice cream at Museum [for a day]! This restored and operational 1966 ice cream truck was the cab and frame from a Ford F-100 pickup truck with a custom body built by Hackney Brothers Body Company in their Rocky Mount, NC plant. It is a member of Ford's fourth generation F-series trucks, produced from 1961 to 1966.  Powered by a 170 horsepower 300-cubic inch (4.9L) straight six motor, this truck also has the twin I-beam coil spring suspension that was a new feature on the 1965 models. Make sure to visit Good Humor man Tom Gesior and purchase some ice cream at the event!

(Kevin Lehman photo)

Ford F-1 (Pennsylvania)

Type - pickup truck
Built - 1950 in Chester, PA
Builder - Ford Motor Company
Current Owner - Ken Briers

This restored and operational 1950 Ford F-1 pickup truck is a member of Ford's original F-series, produced from 1948 to 1952 and with its successors still being produced today. This series was the first post-war Ford vehicle design (preceding the new Ford cars in 1949), and the first Ford truck to have a specially-designed truck chassis (all previous Ford trucks had been based on existing car chassis). The half-ton F-1 featured a 6.5' bed, and was succeeded by the F-100 in 1953 and later the F-150 in 1975.

(Mark D. Krisanda photo)

Studebaker Champion (Erie)

Type - 2-door sedan
Built - 1941 in South Bend, IN
Builder - Studebaker Corporation
Current Owner - Mark D. Krisanda

Styled by famous industrial designer Raymond Lowey (who also designed the famous GG1 locomotive), this restored and operational 1941 Studebaker displays a significant advance in pre-World War II automotive technology. Designed from scratch in 1939 and produced until 1958, the Champion utilized the principle "weight is the enemy," and it became one of the lightest and most fuel-efficient full-size automobiles of the era.

(Friends of the NJ Transportation Heritage Center photo)

NJ TRansit #L627

Type - PD-4104 bus
Built - 1957 in Pontiac, MI
Builder - General Motors Company
Current Owner - Friends of the NJ Transportation Heritage Ctr.

The PD-4104 35' Cruiser bus was a groundbreaking development in bus technology. With styling borrowed from one of Raymond Lowey's concept bus designs, the PD-4104 featured a radically redesigned suspension that redefined passenger expectations throughout the 1950s. The PD-4104's production between 1953 and 1960 was so impactful that GM's major competitor, ACF-Brill, left the bus market just a year after it was introduced. The #L627was first used by Public Service in and around New Jersey in the late 1950s. With the creation of NJ Transit in 1983, the bus's ownership shifted to the new organization.

(Zack Willhoite photo)

Public Service #Z603

Type - PD-4903 bus
Built - 1968 in Pontiac, MI
Builder - General Motors Company
Current Owner - Friends of the NJ Transportation Heritage Ctr.

This fully operational 40' Cruiser bus (nicknamed a "Buffalo") displays one of the first "deck and a half" designs in bus history, where the passenger compartment was higher than the driver's compartment. This permitted better passenger views and increased luggage space. The #Z603 is one of 401 PD-4903 buses produced by GM between 1966 and 1969, and was used by Public Service in and around New Jersey.

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